Mission Statement:

The Support for Brain Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization to help families that have a child (under the age of 18) undergoing treatment for Brain Cancer and/or Brain Tumors. The charity foundation has dedicated goals to give grants to families that have a child diagnosed with a form of Neurological Cancer and/or tumors that are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of their child’s diagnosis and treatment.

Additionally, we are supporting Rady Children’s Hospital to contribute 15% of all donations to the Neuro-Oncology Research Department to further the study for treatments of pediatric neurological cancers.

Our Story:

We set out to start this charity after a close friend’s three-year-old daughter, Emma (pictured above), was diagnosed with stage 4 Medulloblastoma on February 23, 2018, a form of brain cancer that develops tumors in the brain. She immediately received treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital including surgery and chemo therapy.

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How do grants help?

As we all know the cost of medical bills when a child is hospitalized or undergoes surgery can be overwhelming yet there are other financial hardships the families face.

As a family’s world may seem to stop when their child is diagnosed this does not mean that their normal financial responsibilities do.

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Help us today!

Parents will likely need to take extensive time off work to be with their child in the hospital and at home often resulting in a reduced household income.  You can help us today by donating to this very meaningful cause.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) and will put your donation to good use helping out a family in need.

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You can make a difference...

Just imagine making a significant difference in the lives of a family that's going through such a difficult time.   You could be the reason they hang on, the reason they power through.  Though you should always consult with a tax professional, your donation could be considered a tax write-off.