How will a Financial Grant be helpful to a family?

As we all know the cost of medical bills when a child is hospitalized or undergoes surgery can be overwhelming yet there are other financial hardships the families face. As a family’s world may seem to stop when their child is diagnosed this does not mean that their normal financial responsibilities do. Parents will likely need to take extensive time off work to be with their child in the hospital and at home often resulting in a reduced household income.

Here are some financial responsibilities to keep in mind:

  • Medical Bills
  • Co-pays
  • Monthly Insurance payments
  • Additional child care hours and costs needed for siblings
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Car payments
  • Fuel expense for commuting to the hospital daily

How can you help?

Even the smallest donation is immediately put to work, helping families cope with the sometimes overwhelming reality of cancer.  Every little bit helps when you're talking about keeping a family healthy and happy!